Pedagogical Strategy

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Comics as a pedagogical strategy to development and improve the written communicative abilities.

General Objective

To motivate the students’ writing learning process, based on comics concerning superheroes at Liceo Julio Cesar Garcia Specific Objectives

To identify the problem in the learner’s writing process of seventh-grade at Julio César Garcia School.
To implement activities such as the comic book to generate a greater motivation in the English writing of the seventh grade children of the school, based on issues in writing skills
To evaluate the written process of students and the strategies used in the classes.

Context- Characterization.

Julio César García School, is located in district of La Candelaria neighborhood (Bogotá,
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So, one of the most important things of the learning process is to acquire the skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) in a language. As we know literacy is so important when we are learning a language, but first of all, it is necessary to know how to write. That’s the reason, why writing skill is so important in the communication process in a foreign language, also, we have to take into account that everyone learns in different ways. Because of that we as a teachers, have to look for writing strategies that engage the students in their learning process; specially, when they are learning another…show more content…
Because of that, Baldwin uses wikis with the purpose of motivated their students in their writing learning process, he says that “whatever approach to teaching writing you use, the editing feature of wikis is the key to success, as students find it enjoyable and motivating to look at and change their friends' work”(Baldwin, 2008). It means that writing is not only put together words to form sentences or a paragraph, it is a process which involves some steps as: brainstorming (word about the topic that is going to be develop); a pre-writing (the ideas of the topic); the writing (our ideas and the use of quotes to sustain what was written in the text); the revision (here we read the things that we write and correct or add more about that) and finally the socialization or publication of the
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