Personal Core Values

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As a student currently enrolled in a doctoral program, I strive to gain maximum success while completing this program. Therefore, establishing a mission, vision and core values becomes critical to the strategic planning process of this academic journey because they provide the clear guiding principles that define my purpose. Shepherd and Campbell (2008) asserts that
A mission statement defines what you are doing. How will you ideally accomplish your vision statement? Personal vision means the overall ideal picture you see in your life, including family, work, community life, and any other areas you feel are important. Core Values are your values and how you play them out in your everyday life are the concrete representations of mission and
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Wainwright, 2016). Growing up in very religious society, my personal core values sometimes overlap with some of the teaching of Jesus Christ. These values define my persona, highlight what I care for, and what I endeavor to accomplish. My core values include trustworthy, innovative, open-minded, respect, love, creative, generosity, faith, compassion, teamwork, dignity, gratitude, courage, accountability, empowerment, discipline, tenacity and, resourcefulness. It is my belief that any research that I intend to undertake should be trustworthy, in that, the reader can count on the result of my study. All my research will be done with an open mind as to adjust if warranted. Along my life’s journey I have had to be resourceful to overcome personal adversities and I intend to use this resourcefulness whenever I am doing a study or any other assignments. My creativity will permeate throughout my study and I will endeavor to be innovative and credible. I am disciplined and will keep up any task…show more content…
They serve as a guide to making decisions and they give an insight of my purpose as related to my professional goals. Developing my writing skills is my mission and it defines what I am currently undertaking. While my vision explains my aspirations, which is to make an impact on the teaching and learning of mathematics. The compassion I have for students excelling in mathematics will lead me to my home country to make a difference in the way mathematics is taught. The way I approach my vision is defined by my core values; it is the glue that holds my aspirations. Both my mission and vision are interspersed throughout by my core values. It is my intention to preserve them even while strategies or goals may change. To remain focus on my academic and professional goals, my mission, vision will keep me motivated. They are an essential part of building a strategic foundation and developing strategies. These strategies will help me complete my doctoral degree and ultimately my dream of becoming a curriculum
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