Personal Essay About Moving To America

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On January 5th , 1988 , my mother, Rosita Rancharan immigrated to the U.S from a small city in Belize named Corozal. Although she was married and had a teaching job that kept her economically stable, when her papers came out she decided to immigrate to America because she saw greater economic opportunity. At the time she was building a house with her husband , but she did not want to take out loans to build it. Originally she had just come here to stay for a couple of months so that she could send money back home to her husband to help build their house. But eventually she became more adjusted to living here and decided to stay here and build a foundation. After moving here at the age of 27 , she has now been living in the U.S for more than 28 years. By living here she has been able to own a home, provide for her mom and her daughter has …show more content…

The specific village where she grew up was poor, she said “ life was rough” and her family faced many economic difficulties because of the size of her family. She was the 7th child out of the 13 that her mother had. Both of her parents themselves had grown up poor and were unable to pay to go to high school , so they got married and started their family at the age of 14. To make a living they grew sugar cane , corn , oranges and other crops as well as animals and sell them. However their biggest provider was sugarcane, which they would grow and harvest and sell to the factory that made sugar. The other crops they would sell to people in town. Since this was their way of living , every morning she would have to wake up early and go work in her parents fields before school . If she was not cutting cane then she was making breakfast , which usually consisted of tortillas with beans or squash they had planted. It was special for them to eat meat, they did not eat it on a daily basis because they could not afford

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