Personal Essay: The Philosophy Of Capital One

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I believe I should be chosen becuase I will bring a hard working persona, a great can-do attitude, and willing to take on any task. I am bilingual, so I can help assist our non-english speakers and I believe I have skills to persuade future customers to be part of Capital One. I am a very dedicated person who tries to always be the best as I can, meaning helping not only myself, to grow, but everyone around me. I strive to achieve many things and take my education seriously. I’ve always been in Honors classes and get good grades, currently I have a GPA of 3.4 but am striving to better myself and get a 4.0. I try to always have a positive outlook on situations and prepare myself for challenging ones. I have great teamwork skills and I work great with different types of people even disabled/special needs. The philosophy of Capital One is “Hire great people and give them the opportunity to be great.” Meaning give one a chance to see how good they can be. I don’t want just a job at Capital One I want a career with Capital One. I want to grow in the company and forward the industry with new ideas. I’ve always been passionate on things that I do, and with co-workers who feel just as passionate, we can forward the company into greatness by bringing new ideas that …show more content…

I always put my mind to a goal and do my best to achieve it, and I have great moral support from many people. I have learned so much on working with people of different ethnicity, cultures, as well as with special needs students who I assist and teach and it 's such an incredible opportunity to be part of their lives. But most of all my biggest achievement is being devoted and dedicated to those things I love the most. Especially now I would love to have an accomplishment of being part of the Capital One

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