Personal Narrative: Camp Marist

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I am a past camper of Camp Marist. My first year at camp was during the summer of 2009, I started off in La Petite for the second session. I have practically begged my parents to bring me back to camp each summer. I love seeing all the friends that I made in previous years, and look forward to meeting so many new ones. I have been to Camp Marist for 6 years. 1 year in La Petite, 2 years in Sunset, 1 year in Scot’s Lodge and 2 years in Sailor’s Cottage. I have looked up to all of the Prefects and Staff in each of those cabins, and I have known that I have wanted to be like them one day ever since Sunset when I met my prefect Megan Joyce Fisher. She was always so happy and enthusiastic, and spread her joy to all of her little sunset girls …show more content…

Out of Camp Marist I played travel softball for the Ocean State Waves, and play softball for my school team: the La Salle Rams. I also play both school and club volleyball, I played club for Ocean State Limelight, and am currently playing club for Blast Volleyball and for my school team: the La Salle Rams. In the winter, I am also a Ski Instructor at Yawgoo Valley Ski Area. I instruct kids from 2 1/2 years old to regular school age kids and even some adults. I enjoyed my first year working as a Ski Instructor and look forward to the next winter season which I will continue to …show more content…

I also have positive relationships with many other people. My goal each day is to be the very best person I can be and to treat others the way I want to be treated. I also believe that I was raised very well. My parents taught me that there were always consequences for my actions no matter if they were good or bad actions. I was also taught that If I did not have anything nice to say, that I should not say anything at all. By going to church every Sunday and attending CCD ever since I was in kindergarten, I have learned the importance of being a positive

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