Personal Narrative: Camp Marist

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I am a past camper of Camp Marist. My first year at camp was during the summer of 2009, I started off in La Petite for the second session. I have practically begged my parents to bring me back to camp each summer. I love seeing all the friends that I made in previous years, and look forward to meeting so many new ones. I have been to Camp Marist for 6 years. 1 year in La Petite, 2 years in Sunset, 1 year in Scot’s Lodge and 2 years in Sailor’s Cottage. I have looked up to all of the Prefects and Staff in each of those cabins, and I have known that I have wanted to be like them one day ever since Sunset when I met my prefect Megan Joyce Fisher. She was always so happy and enthusiastic, and spread her joy to all of her little sunset girls…show more content…
Out of Camp Marist I played travel softball for the Ocean State Waves, and play softball for my school team: the La Salle Rams. I also play both school and club volleyball, I played club for Ocean State Limelight, and am currently playing club for Blast Volleyball and for my school team: the La Salle Rams. In the winter, I am also a Ski Instructor at Yawgoo Valley Ski Area. I instruct kids from 2 1/2 years old to regular school age kids and even some adults. I enjoyed my first year working as a Ski Instructor and look forward to the next winter season which I will continue to…show more content…
I also have positive relationships with many other people. My goal each day is to be the very best person I can be and to treat others the way I want to be treated. I also believe that I was raised very well. My parents taught me that there were always consequences for my actions no matter if they were good or bad actions. I was also taught that If I did not have anything nice to say, that I should not say anything at all. By going to church every Sunday and attending CCD ever since I was in kindergarten, I have learned the importance of being a positive
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