Personal Narrative: Camp Silver Beach

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I’ve been going to a summer camp called Camp Silver Beach every summer science I was 9. This is about the time I went when I was 12. My camp is on the Eastern Shore, so we get to do all types of activites! One of the first things you do when you get to camp is meet your cabin members. I always get nervous for this because you are stuck with them for a week; so if you don’t get along that could be a problem. I was lucky because I got the best cabin ever! We all had nicknames. For example, I was alligator, kaliegh was KK, Kyle was Kz, Caroline was Carolina sunshine, Brooke was Blt, Owen was Owencamoen, Hayden was curly fry, Renae was raebae, becky was becky-G, and wasimana was wassabe. After we got our nicknames I knew this was going to be a

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