Personal Narrative Essay About Moving To America

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The American Experience In 2008, I had a bitter-sweet moment with the prospect of relocating to America. I was quite shocked at the time because I had to leave everything behind and start a new life abroad. My parents were the ones who organized the move, and so I was obliged to go. I skipped school because I needed rest before the long journey. My friends and classmates were surprised because we were approaching the final exams. I told them of the new trip abroad. On the day of travelling, my relatives escorted us to the airport. The flight was delayed for over three hours because of some unknown reasons. Due to the delay, there were chaotic scenes at the airport as some passengers demanded to be refunded for their tickets. Inside the airport, it was hot and humid and the more the people yelled, the more it got hotter in there. Finally, we boarded the plane. It was a long flight of around 18 hours, which took us through Tokyo before heading to America. The airport in …show more content…

I had never experienced such cold freezing air in my life. My grandfather was jubilant when he saw me. He took me around the city to familiarize myself and feel the American Dream. After two weeks, my "holiday" was cut short because I had to begin school. At first the school seemed nice, but it later turned out to be a nightmare. The staff in the school worked hard to integrate me into the system, but, on the other hand, the students made life difficult for me. When I first walked into the classroom, they looked at me as if I am an alien. They started laughing and pointing at me, which made me uncomfortable. The teacher was in the class, but the students continued laughing. Afterwards, the teacher introduced me to the rest of the class. When I looked around, I noticed I was the only Asian in that room. The class was hard for me because I did not understand English, and I failed to grasp any word she spoke. My first day in school was sad and

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