Personal Narrative Essay: Giving Birth To My Parents

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Imagine that you 're in the hospital, you 're preparing to meet your third child, a daughter, in her first moments in the world. You make that final leap towards meeting your precious bundle of joy, only to see a doctor holding a blueish gray baby. You start to panic thinking, "what is happening to my child?" You see the nurse run out of the room and return with a syringe and ask, "what is that for?" The nurse replies that "this will help counter-react the medicine", the medicine that was killing your child. This is the situation my mom was faced when giving birth to my sister, a situation that no parent should ever face; a preventable experience.

My sister was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and autism. When she was four her doctors told …show more content…

He could read at a college reading level in just second grade, but when it came to math he just couldn 't wrap his head around it. When it came to social situations he also struggled; he couldn 't look someone in the eyes, was afraid of any integration with a stranger, and couldn 't be in a crowded place without having a meltdown. All their life my siblings have been defined as odd. The world believes that they should not be given the chances us "normal" people receive. The world has never given them a chance to achieve greatness, it has only pushed them farther behind. That was a decade ago.

My brother is now 16 and my sister is 14. My brother is now able to interact with strangers, even able to order his own food at a restaurant and count out his own money to pay. While he is still at an 8th grade level in math he can read a 1000-page book in three days or less reading constantly every hour. My sister, while she has had multiple surgeries over the years, is able to walk freely on her own and only needs wheelchair assistance when walking long distances. She has also attended years of speak therapy and is able to speak clearly, defying the determination of the

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