Essay About My First Day In My Life

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I remember my very first job like it was yesterday. My first reaction I can remember was to giggle and laugh because I would be working with my friends when I got hired at McDonald’s that summer and it made me really happy. I remember during orientation that Barbara- my general manager, asked me if I wanted something to drink before I started training. I said no because I was so nervous that day I felt like I would pee my pants if I took the drink. I was excited to be working that summer because I would finally have my own money and could save for school with no help from my parents. I felt proud of myself because I was taking a small step into the real world. Although I was very happy, I was also concerned. The first day of orientation everybody had their spot and a job to do, and they were doing them very well. I remember before actually getting to work Barbara asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said no almost immediately but more hesitantly because I thought I would pee my pants. That’s how nervous I was. My ‘’best friend’’ Paulina had on a headset and took a few orders from the drive through and made drinks at the same time and I thought that was so cool because I’d never seen that before. Everyone else did their jobs and I felt like I was getting in the way so Paulina gave me an extra headset out of the office and started to teach me how to take orders and all the shortcuts that a manager wouldn’t show me. Being new made me feel like I was in the way of everyone else. Even though I was worried that I wouldn’t understand what to do…show more content…
I knew that I couldn’t mess up too many times or else I could be terminated at any given time and that really made me even more worried than what I already was. I wanted to do a good job so I just stayed out of the way and took things slow. I was eventually able to take a few orders by myself without help. Then I took my first break after working for 4 “long”
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