Personal Narrative-Hi-Way Inn, A Fitting

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Hi-Way Inn, a Fitting Looking as if time had beaten it up so bad that the next strong storm would finish it off, the Hi-Way Inn was a little restaurant in Elsa, Texas. It was on 107 just after the closed down Hollon Oil gas station. You’d have to be looking away to miss it. You would also have to have a lot of guts to want to go in. It needed new paint to cover the chipping off orange-pink faded color of the building, and the rusty back screen door dangled off the side. For 3 years, I loved going there for breakfast. The plates and silverware were clean, the coffee was served in mismatched cups and saucers, and smells from the kitchen promised bacon, and potatoes, and beans and salsita-guisada, and tortillas de harina. I walked in

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