Personal Narrative: How I Overcame ADHD

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How I overcame ADHD

ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it’s where you’re basically distracted easily and can get hyper. I've had to cope with a lot of stuff my entire life, but ADHD was the hardest thing I have ever needed to take care of. I eventually learned that I don’t need the medicine to keep me calm and sometimes you can tell I still have it but I am generally calm.

Ever since I was a little kid I've had ADHD and I was never able to pay attention or focus much unless the assignment was really fun to do. As you grow up with ADHD you have medicine you take to keep you calm, and that’s what I had to take every day. Whenever I came home I would have some form of homework, but I would act as if I never had any. One day …show more content…

My Mom then said “you better sit down and do all of this” so I sat down and needed some help and then my Mom said “see it wasn’t that hard now was it.” I was really embarrassed when my mom found out about me hiding my work.

When I moved to the apartment along with a new school, it was very hard for me and my ADHD became worse (I moved in my fourth grade, but I was doing well in that grade), between the old house and the apartment I didn’t have to take medicine for a bit until after the move. I was in fifth grade when my ADHD started up again and I didn’t know until I saw my missing work list. My teacher noticed I had a lot of missing work and she said “Your home is like

a black hole, none of your homework ever returns.” When I got home that day my Mom told me that I needed to do my homework, and I told her I would, and got started right onto it.

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