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It all started November 1. I was about 10 years old at that time. There were about 2 weeks before deer opener and I was getting more excited every day. We started by putting up deer stands and deciding who’s going to sit where. The whole time we were doing that there was only one thing on my mind, was I going to get a deer or not.
A couple days later we were getting out the guns so we could sight them in. I was nervous watching the other people shoot, but when my dad told me I was up I was terrified. At first he sat behind me and made me feel safe. But after a few shots he said, “I can’t sit behind you anymore because I’m not going to be able to sit behind you in the stand so you need to practice by yourself.”
The first shot I took by myself, I fell over right on my butt. Every shot I took after that I still fell over. So I told my dad, “I never want to shoot this dumb gun again.” But then he said, “You …show more content…

The last weekend of hunting came to a near and I was worried I wouldn’t even get to see a deer. We came back from the stand Friday afternoon and ate lunch. I was starving. We had a bowl of soup, which warmed up my whole body after being out in the freezing cold.
It was Saturday morning of the last weekend. It was super cold. I almost wore everything I found in my dresser. We finally we went to a new spot because we weren’t seeing any deer. It kept getting colder and colder until I finally thought I was going to get frostbite. Then hunger started to settle in. My stomach was growling almost as loud as a lion. I asked my dad if we could leave and he said, “Give it a little longer”.
I started growing impatient and set the gun beside me and tried moving as quietly as I could to warm up. Then suddenly I heard a noise and looked behind me and saw a doe sitting there looking at me with those black soulless eyes. I reached for my gun, but she dashed away. I was so furious I didn’t go hunting the rest of the

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