Personal Narrative: My Failure In Sports

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“No matter the circumstances that you may be going through, just push through it”- Ray Lewis. This quote from Ray Lewis really inspires me to tell an event that happened to me about failure. All people in there life will go through failure and have things not go their way, this just who we are. Failure can come through grades, friendships, sports and many other ways. But in my case, in this event failure came though the struggle of confidence of who I was and who I knew I was deep down. This incident dates back to last June, where I start my second season of baseball. My first season is high school baseball, then second season is the travel team i 'm on. See I had a great season with my high school team, we made it to the championship by my hit in the semi final game, that won the game and sent our school to the championship. We ended up losing it in a best of three games but overall that season left a good feeling …show more content…

I knew going into the season that this would be a big year for me to try to win a championship with the friends I have had since I was very young. In baseball scoring runs is what you have to do to win games, in order to score runs you have to be able to get hits. This is what my team really counted on me to do, after coming off a season where I hit the ball great in high school. Well this is where the feeling of failure and frustration came in. We were five games into the season and we hadn 't won yet and I just went into a slump in hitting. All players do this in one point in their career but at the time, the reason my team was losing was because we just couldn 't find a way to score runs. This really brought out shock and many confused teammates of mine because I was the one to lead them and provide offense and for these first five games I was not. So after that fifth game we had a span of three days off where there was no practices or games, just a time of rest for the team. These were the most important

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