Personal Narrative: My First Day In Florida

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The morning of March 24th, I left for Florida. The 17 long hours in a car consisted of me listening to music, watching the rain, and trying to enjoy the ride. When we finally arrived at the hotel, the only thing I wanted to do was get out of the car. We only made about 5 stops along the way, most of which were during the earlier hours of the car ride. I wanted to get up, I wanted to look around, I wanted to finally see everything I’d be waiting to see. We were finally in Florida.
Once we got out of the car, we checked into the hotel. It took us some time because we had to get a get a luggage cart and get all of our suitcases together, we were staying for a week so we had quite a bit. Once we got to the room and got everything settled, my best …show more content…

We quickly ran down to the beach, careful to not get in trouble. The beach was absolutely gorgeous. A happy feeling took over my body immediately.
The next day was an amazing day for swimming. When we awoke, we ate breakfast and immediately started running to get ready. We had gotten ready for this faster than we had gotten ready for anything in our entire lives. We ran out of our room and down to the beach with I-love-it-here smiles.
As soon as my feet hit the sand, my exhilaration hit a whole new level. started to walk into the freezing ocean. I started shivering immediately, despite the hot sun beating down on me I was still cold. I stood in the shallow water, waiting to get used to the temperature before continuing. When the water finally felt like tolerable, I walked out a little bit further, taking my whole body under. The chilly water slowly became warmer as my body started to adjust. I brought myself back to the surface, getting a breath of fresh air. Next thing I knew, waves started coming in fast. Little did I know that I’d be getting hurt a lot when it came to the waves. As wonderful as they are, they hurt. Regardless of how much I got hurt, the waves were still my favorite part of going in the ocean. At that point, I knew already that I would enjoy the next couple

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