Personal Narrative: My Interview With Kelsey

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I first met Kelsey when the two of us joined cross-country the summer before our freshman year. Back then, I never would have guessed that we would end up being such close friends. I am so glad we did. Kelsey is an inspiration to be around, filling any atmosphere with positivity. Even in the toughest situations, the hardest cross-country workouts, Kelsey is able to bring out the fun in a situation. As I came to learn more about Kelsey, I couldn’t help but gain an appreciation for her incredible mental capacity and depth of character; not only is she wicked smart, she is also amazingly humble and supportive of others. Though she obviously takes pride in every undertaking, she refuses to brag about any of her accomplishments if she runs the risk …show more content…

Her leadership in the Technology Student Association (TSA) clearly demonstrates this; she joined purely out of curiosity and a desire to learn new skills, and, as a result, she has come to excel in the events she chose to explore. I had the honor of working alongside Kelsey on the TSA officer team, and in our most competitive event, Chapter Team. As a part of both teams, Kelsey has shown her ability to work well with others. She always pulls her weight and more. As an officer, she has dedicated her time to ensuring that all members feel welcome. In chapter team, Kelsey’s aptitude for leadership enabled her to assemble our team. Through her own initiative she sought out interested individuals and set the framework for a successful team. That team ended up winning 11th place at the national completion (out of over 80 teams. Kelsey’s natural drive remained unsatisfied. She rallied our team, encouraging us to study for the next year. In order to facilitate this, she read Robert’s Rules of Order, a terrifyingly long description of Parliamentary Procedure, and helped the rest of our team learn the information. Her tenacity and leadership were rewarded, as last year our team finished 5th nationally. I am so glad that Kelsey is a part of both of these teams with me and I look forward to everything we will be able

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