Personal Narrative: My Love Of Football

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Orange eye tight post corner, block shallow, slant on one ready… hands smack together as the lineman shout over the wild fans “Break”! Friday nights in the fall are like christmas! Fall is a great season and makes football that much better. Friday night lights is what I was always most excited for when I was little. Growing up around football made me fall in love with the game and make me love being on the field. Formerly I was a little kid walking out on the field as a manager for Breckenridge's varsity football team I fell in love with the game. Ever since then the football field has been my home away from home. When I show up to the wet dewy grass on early summer mornings for workouts a smile as big as the sun appears on my face. It’s not just the game of football that …show more content…

In the third grade when I was still attending Breckenridge public schools I asked my dad who happened to be the defensive coordinator for the varsity team if I could be the manager. His inner coaching came out and started giving me a speech of how it would be a big commitment of course I wasn't listening I was only thinking, " Man I am going to be so cool walking through the halls with a varsity jersey on"! But of course I did what every young child does, followed every questions he asked me I answered " yup, yeah, uh huh, of course". I got the job, I was going to be the big shot on campus or the little brat walking through the elementary halls. I had to attend every practice. They had fetching the pads, holding the nasty sweat filled helmets as the players would get drinks. When I wasn't getting things or holding things,

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