Personal Narrative: My Middle School Life

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When I graduate from high school and I am just about to start my real life I want to look back at my life and be happy, I mean doesn 't everybody want to look back on their lives and have no regrets? I know that there are a couple of things I am happy that I 've done and a couple I wish that I wish I could change a bit. So now I am going to reflect back so I know what I can change before I start high school. During my middle school life I have not been the most friendly person there is, I mean yeah I goof around a lot and do still talk to a lot of people but I still can not consider most of them my friends. Because what is the big point in making a million friends but then just losing them as soon as you hit high school. Also think for a minute too how many of your one million friends in middle school were truly there for you when you need them. Right now the reason I don 't have many friends in middle school is I am not in any specific grouping like everybody else. In our middle school there are so many groups that kids will divide themselves to just one group. There are the really sporty boys or girls or as you will ¨the popular kids¨. Of course there are popular kids that do not do sports but but that is what most of them do. There are the gamer …show more content…

So here is the big question, How will this help or hurt me in my first year of highschool. I could look at this from both views here right now. The positive view is that I am going to change friends anyways. I may not even talk to the people I know now and I could meet completely different people that I truly want to be friends with. Now the negative view, Since I 'm not close right now with anyone and it is even harder for me to because I live in a small town twenty miles away from Iowa Falls so I may not get close to anybody during my highschool career. Even worse what if nobody really wants to hang out with me just because I am that small ninth grader that likes things that a lot of other high schoolers may

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