Personal Narrative: My Trip To San Antonio

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San Antonio

It was five months after I realized that we were serious, five months and two days both of our families were getting together to go out of town to San, Antonio Texas. You have to take the time to realize it was both of our own families together who have hardly ever met, to be together for two days. Though I was nervous, it never scared me for the fact that it was her I was going to be with for two days.

The day came, it was the mid-July up at six am ready to hit the road ready for this small getaway. It was me with my mother, my girlfriend and her sister in one car, the rest of her family went into another separate car which was her mother, brother and sister in law. It was quite a drive, jamming to the music with the volume all the way it could possibly reached. We were having uncontrollable laughs and jokes, making small pit stops for food, it was a great six-hour drive.

Finally, we had reached our destination, with so much to do and so little time.The first stop we took was to unload at the hotel and freshen up for a quick lunch with the family. Even though it was not late in the day, we were all still hurried to eat. …show more content…

We drove up to the hotel to only drop our family off, I told her that I had a surprise for her before we left tomorrow back into reality. As soon as I said that a smile from ear to ear appeared on her face, having my heart to burst into a million small butterflies. Soon we arrived downtown where most of the carriages were ready to pick up customers. Sitting down in a beautiful white carriage covered in purple lighting, driven by the soft clicks the horses made in downtown San Antonio and having my beautiful girlfriend right next to me was more than perfect. Knowing tomorrow was the day to go back home, I fully lived for that moment having everything

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