Personal Narrative: Pursuing The American Dream

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In 2006 I moved to California with my parents, to pursue the American Dream that was dreamed by every foreigner It was seen as a great way to escape the danger and poverty we faced everyday in Peru. When we finally got here, the american dream was a myth, and working hard barely got you anywhere. Since day 1 both my parents have worked more than 40 hours a week to get food on the table, and the table back in Peru. They both support their parents and siblings financially, meaning there is no aid for me here. I wake up to do everything by myself, cook, clean, go to school, and especially homework. The workload from school kept getting harder each year, and it got worse during the start of high school. When I first arrived back from my first day of 9th grade I had to annotate a poem written by Shakespeare. As I sat down to do the homework I realized I didn 't know what annotating meant. I asked my parents for help and they didn’t even knew who Shakespeare was. The same routine happened everyday, it 's even happening now as I ask for advice on how to apply for college. No answer. I was filling out the online sign up course for my 11th grade classes, and I didn 't know what to choose. My peers talked about taking the…show more content…
Mid-junior year the level of going to college dropped at an all time low. I believe that giving up was the easiest thing in the world. My grades where low, and It was too late to turn back and fix them. By the time March arrived, everyone was cramming in all the knowledge for their AP test. From getting tutors to pulling all nighters to learn a month 's worth of materials. Thats when I came across the idea of taking the AP Spanish test. I was born in Peru, and only talked spanish at home. Who can stop me from taking the test? Everyone. People told me that it didn 't matter if I was a native speaker, my grades and knowledge showed the little potential I had. They even tried to stop me from wasting the resources available and stop me from taking
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