Personal Narrative-Speeding Ticket

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I roll up the car window on my barely one-year-old bright red Honda Accord, and watch the cop slowly drive away. When he’s out of sight, I look down and fixate on the small, pink paper in my lap. I try to read the words on it but my head 's still spinning I’m so dead. What are my parents going to say? There goes the rest of my summer. After a few dazed minutes, I can make out some words ‘traffic citation’, ‘violation notice’, ‘speeding’, and the most heart-dropping of them all: ‘$200 fine’. I take a deep breath and start to make my way home. This speeding ticket is not just a small blip of my past, but it’s a metaphor for my entire highschool career. For the past four years, I have been living life in the fast lane, never observing my surroundings
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