Short Story

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"I 've fallen for your eyes, but they dont know me yet."

"Nice to meet you." I address all the boy 's calmly even though my mind is spinning.
I remember them vividly now. Every year around the time in spring, my school administrator makes the whole high school take one big picture together for the school yearbook to show our so called, "School pride." and "together-ness." They split us up into our classes, but there is a chance for all the people who have friends in a grade above or below to say a quick hi before getting split up. It was just a few months ago that I was with my two best friend- Suzy and Taeyeon- sitting in the schools crowded and loud gym waiting for the picture to be taken when a group of good looking upper classman …show more content…

In the hallway, I can hear the boys talking loudly to each other in awe yelling, "Thats her! Thats gotta be her!" Over the commotion the nurse yells at them for making such a disturbance in a hospital. I mentally slap myself for not asking for Jungkooks door again since it 's obvous I cant go back in and ask for it now. My mind is fuzzy as I try to focus on what I 'm looking for while I process that Jungkook does go to my school. Im so busy with my thoughts that I almost pass door 186-Jungkooks room. I walk through the door while the awful scent of a hospital trails in behind me. Just as I enter, there is another door that leads to a bathroom and a black TV hanging from the wall in front of a single lonely white bed leaning against the wall with a cross hanging above it. As I step further into the room, I see in the bed lies a young teenage boy with beautiful black hair. His hair is such a dark shade that it makes the rest of his body look deadly pale and skinny. His eyes are closed, but I know underneath his eyelids are eyes that I fell in love with but haven 't met yet. On the boys wrist, he wears a wrist band that reads "Pateint 120." But as I know him, Jungkook. His smooth complexion is ruined as I

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