Personal Narrative: The Day I Moved To Sacramento

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The Day I Moved to Sacramento It was the last three days of school but the last one for me, I was moving away from San Bruno. This is a story about my last day in San Bruno. The first time I moved there I thought it wasn't very nice and stuff because it looked Very Ghetto Things were old and just trash and stuff everywhere, there were a lot of Gangs and stuff like that, but I think I was there for about 4 or 5 years. I went to a school called Parkside Middle school there was a 6th grade , 7th , and an 8th grade at the school. The school was mostly populated by mexicans who act hard there were barely any black people . So in the 7th grade I got jumped a few times because I was kinda an easy target since they saw me as a soft person ,but …show more content…

Now back to the point. when I moved from San Bruno. i was at school saying goodbye to everyone the teachers didn't really say anything except for a cool teacher named Mr jackson the day was pretty fun cause i actually felt i was going to be missed, and I even got five posters from groups of people! One with gifts and the rest just had names signed on them. I left the school to walk home, but my friends caught up to me and since I was bored I walked them home. but they weren't walking home, I knew where they lived, but they were walking up hill To my friend sam's house. No it was a girl, she was picked up from school so she was already at her house. we went there and she was sitting down on her doorstep. when we got there she gave us hugs and we went inside we mostly watched movies sitting on the couch together. now remember. there were 7 people on one couch. of course it was crowded there were people sitting on the arms of the couch and on each others laps and stuff, but it was still fun after a while we left the house going to the mall which was maybe an hour walk from the house on the hill. we did a lot of walking since we didn't drive cars we rode bikes and skateboards or walked. so when we got to the mall, we each divided up our money and went to stores. in total we had $586 exactly. we knew how to get money places so we mostly always had more than $20 on us We bought stuff for the girls mostly not for ourselves so we hung out at

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