Personal Narrative: The Fourteen Hour Drive

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The fourteen hour drive was a killer. I still can not believe that I was in the car for twenty-eight hours! My mom, dad, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend got up at two A.M. and left at three A.M. I read for an hour and then slept for two hours. We then watch Star Wars the Force Awakens, a two hour movie. We had a stop at a gas station and got some food. I read for another hour, then I slept the rest of the way there. We got there and saw the hotel and we were awestruck. The hotel was fifteen stories tall and was right on the ocean, as we got off the elevator on the fourteenth floor, we were stunned by the killer view of the ocean. Not counting when we got to our room which had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a porch that had a stellar view of the ocean and of Destin. The first morning we woke up we had to decide what to do. Eventually we decided to go …show more content…

In Laser Tag you have a laser pointer and you have to hit a small target on the other person’s vest to give them a ‘respawn’ mechanic, unfortunately I got last place with 5,000 points. My dad got first with over 10,000 points. I got scared a few times because my brother would sneak up on me. As the last thing on our trip after Laser Tag we went to the same place and played mini golf almost in pitch black. The only light was black light which makes things glow. Our clothes were glowing and in general blacklight mini golf was a fun experience. I came tied for second, while my brother and dad tied for first. Look up pictures of blacklight mini golf it is fantastic! We ate out at the Irish Pub for our last meal of Florida. It was amazing! The root beer was good and came with a hint of cherry, but even better, the food was five star quality. While a band was setting up to play on stage it started to rain and get on their instruments. Luckily they recovered and played some fantastic, relaxing music to get us ready to go on our fourteen hour drive

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