Personal Narrative: The Local Bargain Shop

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The local bargain shop located near my home is an experience I will never forget. The smiles on children’s faces when they played different activities at the local library is a sight to remember, and fledgling little girls that aspired to be like me, a cheerleader absolutely touched my heart. These different ways that I gladly donated my time to improve situations or inspire others. At the bargain shop, I worked diligently to make sure that every task was accomplished, no matter how tiring. I made sure items were in order and in place and I put them out for display in the store. the most rewarding part of working there was connecting with the customers. Some customers asked me questions about prices or where items were located, others spoke to me to create a friendly conversation.…show more content…
Volunteering at the local library was also a very good experience. I remember helping kids design contraptions for games and discussing different books they read. There was even a small concert put on for little children, singing and learning about the environment through book characters.For that event, I helped set up the refreshments and goody bags. The cheer camp was one of my favorite volunteering experiences. I love to cheer for my high school sports teams and dancing is one of my favorite pastimes. To be able to work with kids that looked up to me was very important to me. I wanted them to have the best experience possible to know what it is like to cheer and to show that it is very fun. I was able to teach cheers and play games with the kids. Overall, I learned many things throughout the years volunteering, but the one thing that I will never forget is that inspiration, dedication, and hard work is essential for a successful life. This is how I want to approach my long term goal of being a genetic
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