Personal Narrative: Turkey Bowl Flag Football

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My church plays in the Turkey Bowl Flag Football Tournament every November. This was not only a time to bond with my youth group, but to also create friendships with other church teams. However, there was a problem: my team consisted of players from age 13-20; however, the 13 year olds had little-to-no flag football experience. Consequently, they got less playtime and slowly became discouraged However, as a leader I wanted to show them otherwise: I coached them, helped them, and give them a new perspective on the game.
This ultimately paid off when we were heading deep into the playoffs. My team suddenly faced the problem of some older players going out due to cramps; however, the 13 year old players were able to step up and fill in those positions. Since I gave them an insight to how to play the game intelligently, they fit right in. After winning the tournament I realized how I was a leader both on and off the field. The 13 year olds came up to me and thanked me for helping them out and making them feel better after they were down. …show more content…

I was able to hold in my competitiveness when the younger kids messed up on the field because I understood their confusion. Additionally, I really saw my impact in helping the 13 year olds when my church was playing basketball with everyone (this included kids in elementary). Instead of yelling at these little kids, the 13 year olds learned to be patient with them as they had disadvantages in height and skill. I saw my leadership and mentorship experience impact the people around me as they learned and carried on what I had given(or taught) them to other

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