Personal Narrative: Waking Up In Middle School

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Guess what the hardest thing I have ever done? It was to think about how I felt the last 11 years of my life and describe that on around three pieces of paper for your middle school application. Just imagine three weeks of visiting 5 schools, in the middle of the school year. It is the dreadful first day of the week, and the sun is waking up in Virginia Beach at the Helman’s house. My mom tells me that we are going to see a middle school. Of course, being the nosey person I am I asked, “Which one?” She answered “Norfolk Academy.” As soon as I heard that name I felt as if I ate five pounds of sugar and was on a sugar rush. Why you may ask. That was the school that had all the sports teams, and for your information I love sports. I had a regular day at school, nothing special, however my mom lit a bomb in me that had been ticking down …show more content…

It asked about me. Never in my life had any want to know about me as a whole, not like these middle school applications. So after we are done with plaza, I went right upstairs to finish what I was doing, but I just could not. I was nervous about the application, and if I had really expressed myself. That night, I had a rough sleep, so undecided about middle school. A few days later I heard the worst words anyone wants to hear, “Time to apply to plaza.” I had been very stressed ever since last application, but eventually I came down and got started. However, it took forever to do, but it was a little faster than plaza because I had really thought about me. I did good and I did it well. I got into both middle schools, and over a process of spread sheets I chose to go to Edward E. Brickell Academy for the Advanced Academics and Arts. Taking the time is an essential thing to have to grow strong. It is called metacognition. It is where you think deeply about your thinking. In fact, I had to use metacognition just to tell this

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