Personal Statement: Honors Pre-Calculus

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Identify one course in which you are proud of your effort and achievement. I would caution you to not just choose a class that was not challenging and so you did well. Honors Pre-Calculus. I was unable to raise my course grade from a D, but my term grade was closer to a C. I truly wanted to do better in the class and so I went in during lunch at least once a week. I was struggling. But I enjoyed every minute of it. The class reminded me of what it means to put in the extra effort. It taught me more about math than any regular class could have. And being able to attend it was amazing.

Choose a course that was challenging, but you rose to the occasion. Describe the course. What made you successful in this course? Be detailed in your response. …show more content…

This course is the epitome of a challenge. I couldn’t just complete the assigned homework and call it a day. I had to watch videos, read articles, and ask for guidance in a particular problem. Matrices, for example, were easy to understand, yet hard to multiply because of the mess it can create. My time and effort put into this course were the outcome of an increasing percentage. Identify one course where you could have done better--this could be in terms of achievement or just your own personal learning(I got an A, but I could have gotten more out of the course). What made this course challenging for you? Looking back on your experience, what would you change should you have the opportunity.

A perfect example would be English 7-8. I received an A in the class. I completed most of the work that was given with ease. It was disappointing. I didn’t learn many new words. I wasn’t challenged. The upsides were the lessons I’ve learned from, “The Catcher in the Rye,” and “Of Mice and Men”. I could have taken AP English, but the fault is mine. I’ll continue my studies at home.

What challenges (academic or personal) have you faced this year? How have you worked to overcome them? What have you learned through these

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