Personal Statement: What Motivates Me To Pursue A Career In Medicine

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What Motivates Me to Pursue a Career in Medicine and What Attracts me to the UMKC six year Medical Program? My main motivation towards pursuing a career in medicine is my friend Russel who suffers from a severe medical condition that requires chemotherapy and home treatment regimens. I have been his bestfriend since kindergarten and, as such, I always accompany him whenever possible when he goes to the hospital for treatment or help him in whatever way that I can at home or at school. It is this constant exposure to the field of medicine as well as my desire to help my friend in overcoming his disease that initially motivated me towards a career as a doctor (Paolino 14). Admittedly, when I first thought about pursuing this type of career, I had no idea of …show more content…

Not only that, there are few doctors that would be on call 24/7 and would be there to assist him should his condition become exacerbated through some outside factor. I want to be there to help him in the near future and, as such, I need to finish a medical school program as soon as possible (Hobson 214). It was due to this desire that the UMKC six year medical program appeals to me far more than a traditional eight year program. This sort of medical school program would enable me to finish that much faster and enable me to assist my friend that much sooner which makes it the best program that I can enter into (Greenhalgh, Seyan, and Boynton 1542). In fact, I have already accumulated 12 college credits before I even start at UMKC which demonstrates my desire to not only start soon but to accomplish everything that would be necessary to finish the program till the end (Ray and Brown 138). I consider knowing what profession I want to pursue and basing it on the desire to help my friend a gift from God since few people know what they want out of life. The desire and ability to help others is a privilege few

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