Persuasive Essay About Lies

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Come on, you told them, she told them, he told them and as much as I’d hate to admit it, I told them, too. Now maybe the person you sit next to in english looks innocent, acts innocent or maybe she even is innocent, but just like you and despite her innocence, she is a liar!
Now, moment of truth, there is a difference between a lie that could solve a murder and a lie that could clarify that the numbers on your ruler are blue and not red. Try and guess which lie is a felony and which is too irrelevant to be frowned upon.

All these lies.

When we were children, kindergarten-aged I mean, we lied about toys, we told each other that we had the best toys, made names up for them but when were asked to show them, we couldn’t because it was a lie. So instead we made up another lie, told each other they were
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On Monday I went to school, head held high. You looked at me in a really weird manner and eventually you swallowed your pride and asked me how my party was. I, in basic terms, lied. Ruthlessly lied, but since you weren’t the opposite of ruthless either, what did it matter? It was great, is what I told you, we were at a ice rink and there were these funny clowns giving us free lollipops since I was the birthday girl. You see, they didn’t want Hannah or Kayla to get any, but I convinced Robby at the counter to bring us even more sweets! It was a treat, especially after Hannah Montana came to sing to me and then sign my shoes! My own shoes that were so precious, my mom wouldn’t let me bring them to school. Oh if only, but that was a lie.
Your party was cooler of course, I mean you had a bouncy castle, and whirly slides leading down to the pool. You’re party took place in an amusement park and barney and all these other disney princesses washed you down in candy and shiny glitter and food was already at given. You were aloud to invite 60 people, while everyone else could only scrape up invitations for 15.
May I ask you: was that a
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