Persuasive Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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Everyone argues that cheerleading isn't a sport, but to many individuals it is. Often times people tend to not realize the amount of effort, commitment, and time it takes to be a cheerleader. People refer to cheer as just “dancing on the sidelines”, “throwing girls into the air”, and “standing and looking pretty on the sidelines.” Yes, these are correct, but there is much more to the sport itself than these conceptions. Most people think of cheerleaders as bratty girls in cute outfits with pom poms in their hands attempting to encourage a crowd to cheer on a team. This argument is common all over the world because people don’t understand the concept of involvement these athletes have. There are two types of cheerleading which are High School cheer and Competitive cheer. The amount of practice required, the commitment required to advance, and the physical strength needed are things that …show more content…

I have noticed that the ones who tend to think it isn’t a sport are those who play the sports cheerleaders cheer for. With this being said, those athletes don’t truly understand the value of the sport and what it takes to be an athlete in this sport. It’s truly hard to understand what it takes to be a cheerleader and there’s multiple misconceptions about the sport. Seeing first hand what it takes to be a part of this sport, I will never agree with the misconceptions, the false statements and false claims. Understandably people just think cheerleaders are there to look pretty, but they also don’t understand what got them there. It’s not just about dancing on the sidelines, throwing girls in the air, smiling, wearing cute uniforms, or to amp up a crowd at a sporting event. It’s about the ethic it takes. The amount of time and energy spent focusing on the routines, tumbling, stunting, everything else the athletes are supposed to

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