Persuasive Essay On Competitive Sports

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Competitive sports is a choice not everyone can side on. Either you 're for or against sports, but the majority of people can 't side on it. The truth is, as young athletes grow they start worrying on how they look and then start getting more self conscious about themselves. They want more confidence, they wanna be fit, which basically persuades them trying out for sports. Sports can do all these things, yes, but there are many consequences behind, following it. I believe that competitive sports are not beneficial to adolescents because they put too much injury in teen bodies, parents pay a lot of it 's expense, and place too much focus on winning. One reason that I think kids should not play competitive sports is because they put too much injury in teen bodies. First of all, kids of all ages that play sports are most likely to get an injury while playing. According to Jacqueline Stenson, MSNBC contributor, stated “From 1997 to 1999 sports and recreation-related injuries were more common nationwide than injuries from traffic accidents.” (Stenson, 2004). This shows that all injuries that had happened shouldn 't be ignored because if you think about it, imagine all the little crash accidents you see you 're driving and you 're thinking how bad it is but then there 's sports. More injuries are produced by sports than these small and large traffic accidents. Not only common but nationwide. The rate of injuries are increasing more than actual traffic accidents rates, which is
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