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Parents, children and students of America, the American Government is depriving you of your security and well being. Anyone over the age of 18 can own a semi-automatic weapon and use it against you. The number of those affected in the United States, as well as the location where incidents occur continuously change but the weapon remains the same. Enforcing rules regarding semi-automatic weapons and their accessories are the most simplistic option. According to The Washington Post, The United States of America (USA) has 88.8 guns per one hundred people or about seventy million guns overall. The country with the highest amount of guns per capita in the world is the USA. However, the laws on gun usage are ineffective and this results in thousands…show more content…
Consumers of firearms do not acquire a gun license or undergo screening testings and background checks. Roughly, a third of American gun owners buy a gun without a background check. Shootings increase yearly and the government should enforce thorough and strict gun laws to those who buy firearms. Laws and rules concerning the use of firearms, their operation and who can handle and use them is beneficial for the American society. Rules on background checks and gun licenses should be compulsory. Supplementary, gun training and firing tests would reduce any possible outcomes of accidental shootings. The American citizens don’t want firearms banned from America. Banning firearms are not the answer, but the rules regarding them should be firm to protect all…show more content…
Arming people with firearms as an act of self-defence is an awful idea and just adds more risks. The government should realise the gravity of this problem. The simplest and most effective resolution is to enforce stricter rules regarding firearms. Overall, enforcing these rules would reduce societal costs, gun deaths, numerous innocent people being murdered and would also increase the average American life expectancy and effectively the money spent on gun-related violence, deaths and crime would

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