Persuasive Essay On Music Education

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Writing Prompt: Music should be as much as a requirement as the current basic scholastic requirements in schools.
What if there was an activity that could improve a person 's academic scores and improve a student 's memory along with improving his attention span? What if there was something that could improve a high school ACT score in more than one academic area? What if that same activity also improved the social developmental part of a person 's brain? Luckily there is, and that activity is music, and the fine arts. However, most public schools do not require fine arts, or even have fine arts as an option. There are so many benefits of a fine arts department. Students who have a background in fine arts have consistently scored higher in math and reading, than their peers who do not have a musical background source. Musical students also have improved fine motor skills and longer attention spans. According to Dr. Christian Johnson, author of Journal for Research in Music Education the statistics speaks for itself.
“• Students in top-quality music programs scored 22% better in English and 20% better in mathematics than students in deficient music programs.
• These academic differences were fairly consistent across geographic regions.
• Students at the four elementary schools with high-quality music programs scored better than students participating in programs considered to be of lower quality.
• Students in top-quality instrumental programs scored 19% higher in English
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