Persuasive Essay On Spearfishing

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Spearfishing is definitely one sport that 's not for the faint of heart. Spearfishing is one of the most established sports worldwide with a history that goes way back to the time of early civilization, when people of old caught fish by using sharpened wooden sticks or spears. Today, it is one sport that not only requires exceptional hand and eye coordination; it also requires a love of adventure and the feel of pure adrenalin rushing through the veins.

While there are some parts of the world that consider spearfishing as a means of livelihood, it doesn 't mean that safety is not a concern. Before you can embark on your first spearfishing expedition, you need to be aware of the water and weather conditions of the location you plan to do your spearfishing at as well as make sure you are fully-equipped and protected against the elements.

In addition to your spear gun, you will also need your diving mask and snorkel, which help you see and breathe better underwater. You will also need your wetsuit and sting suit to make sure you keep warm under water and to protect yourself against jellyfish stings. You will also need the matching fins to help you cope with strong currents and tides, as well as for faster swimming. To
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An often overlooked piece of safety and functional spearfishing equipment are the spearfishing floats. Not only does it keep other boats from running over you while you 're in the water, it also helps carry the fish you caught and your other spearfishing gear. Having spearfishing floats makes other divers and boats aware of your location and anything that can help identify your location is good. When choosing the best spearfishing floats, you need to get ones that are highly visible, the more colorful the better. Usually, floats need to be bright orange, red or yellow since these are the colors that are most visible above water and they should also be large enough to support the weight of a diver who may want to take a break after hours of

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