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Hi, I’m Kristen and I want to warmly welcome you to the Closet Clearout challenge. I’d like to teach you my method to remove clutter and excess from your clothes closet, dressers, shoes, accessories and clothes in storage. The benefits of having a clean closet are huge and you are going to feel so good when you’re done.
If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear. Either they don’t fit well or the color is wrong or they were a gift you didn’t like so much. Maybe you hang on to worn out things for sentimental reasons. Even if you clean your closet and dressers regularly, extra clothes accumulate as if by magic. So I came up with a quick method for clearing things out that makes it easy to make decisions. I do
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Do you see a dominant color or do you have a rainbow of colors hanging there? What color makes you feel and look your best? What neutral color goes well with it? If you have time, create a color palette that you can reference as you decide what to clear from your closet. You can make one on the computer, dig out your crayons and paper, or cut pictures from magazines.
The Five Pile Method
The Five Pile method is the heart and soul of the Closet Clearout. It lets you dive right into decluttering with an almost foolproof method for cleaning your closet. I’ve realised two problems I have when cleaning out my closet: guilt and love. The solution to these problems is sorting things into piles and then reviewing them.
When I say you make the piles, I mean literal piles. Taking everything out of a closet, drawer or box and creating five piles as outline below gives you some mental distance from the items. You need to be ruthless and honest during this process.
Round One, Five Piles
1. Things I Love. There are pieces of my wardrobe that I love. They fit well, they serve multiple purposes, they have memories attached. In one way or another, they make me feel good about myself and about owning them. Everything I really love and that makes me happy goes into this

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