Persuasive Essay: Why Do Video Games Get Schooled?

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Video Games Get Schooled Audra Robinson These days it seems that there is a lot of talk surrounding kids and teens and the amount of time they spend playing video games. These games can be fun, action-packed, and an enjoyable way for youngsters to spend their time when they’re at home. Opponents of videogame usage among young people say that the games are unhealthy, isolating, and have no positive impact on a child’s education. On the other hand, recent research has shown that time spent playing certain video games can actually help improve the learning process. Video Games, the Education Saver Video games are very beneficial to education. Students are more interested in videogames them in looking on the board and writing on pieces of paper. If students learned with video games then they would be more interested and they would pay more attention so they would learn more. Learning with computers would help kids get the technological skills that they will need in the future. Also learning with video games would help students feel comfortable with computers and other devices. …show more content…

The students might struggle more. Video games would not help you memorize things so if you encountered them on a test you might forget what to do. Also only very similar video games teach students. This is most likely a result of practice. In a study that I read kids played video games for 30 hours over a 3 month period . The teacher saw more of an interest in learning and much better test scores. It proves that video games help kids learn. Those kids were impacted by video games in a good way. Everyone should be able to have video games help them in

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