Violent Video Games

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Games. Video games, specifically violent ones. This has always been an extensive debate in the world of teens and parents. Should teens be allowed to play violent video games? At home, maybe, but in real life? St. Anns school, permits their students to play “Killer” a two and a half week long last-man-standing ambush game. Students should not be allowed to play these types of games in a school environment. The article specifically talked about this killing end of the year ritual how, “The first week kicked off with the upperclassmen’s swift massacre of the less disciplined freshman teams.” The article also said, “They had to take Cohen out before they could move on to their next victims. This shows how the seniors think it is okay to gang up on the lower class because they have “seniority” or power.” It doesn’t teach the older students qualities to make a better person; it teaches them to think and act like they better than everyone else. Which isn’t very good. It also trains the younger kids to believe the older kids can treat them wrong and think it is okay. This “Killer” game teaches the younger kids to be afraid, and it can make them feel weak. It can hurt the freshman, as it is their first year in high school, and they are being treated poorly. These killing “role play” games can also cause very bad habits and behavior. For example the article said “three water guns shoved inside the pocket of a hoodie” and “The call had been engineered from a remote computer

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