Essay Disadvantages Of Playing Video Games

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Nowaday, playing video games is one of the biggest concern of all the parents, because of the fact that modern video games are getting better and more developed in both technology aspect and also the contents in order to attract more and more people to play but mostly the childrent, and there are not only games that fit boy like shooting, fighting or racing games but also there are many video games were developed to fit girl as well like cooking game or life simulation and so on which are following the interest of girl. So the parents afraid of their childrents will be addicted to those video games and neglect about their study which is the most important thing. In my opinion everything has two side, “The Good” and “The Bad” and “playing …show more content…

So playing video games also gives you a chance to practicing control your emotion. According the result of Gottman’s research on 1986, video game is enought safe to help players practice controlling negative emotions even the pretend context of video games may be real enough to push players to finish the goals matter. It also helps players to adapt regulation strategies for instance problem solving, acceptance, and reappraisal have been frequently related to less impact, improve social helps, and decreases the levels of depressive symptoms. Playing game with the continuously provide novels challenges, demanding the players to change their strategies to archieve the goals effectively for instance: Portal, which is a popular first-person shooter puzzle game, challenges the players to solve the question in form of the difficult maze by using physics – based rule. However after the players master one type of puzzle, the rules change fiercely and often makes the players feel anxieaty and frustration also forcing players to uncover the new rules by switching their appraisal systems flexibly and effectively. After the first few times of adapting, players learned the benefits of dealing with failure and nervousness to overcome the bad

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