Persuasive Speech About Cancer

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problem, if you cut the tumor it will grow again. Cancer is the result of a body that is nutrient deficient and is overloaded with toxins and a suppressed or overloaded immune system. If you look back at the last hundred years you will notice that the numbers of death caused by cancer has tripled. The difference between now and our ancestors is the food and exercise. They always ate fresh food and exercised because they were always working and moving around. We are overfed but we are malnourished. Our body needs minerals and enzymes to heal. Obesity is the second leading cause of cancer ( Another example is a woman named Marge Henderson. Marge had cancer, she went through one treatment after another and her husband could tell that she was in so much pain that she wanted to die. All the chemo and the radiation destroyed what she needed the most to beat cancer, her immune system. After Marge 's death, her husband bill believed that cancer did not kill marge, but it was the harsh cancer treatments. Surgery, radiation, and chemo are what bill now called cut, burn, and poison. Bill had been searching for ways to cure cancer for 13 years and he has been helping people. He found a way to cure cancer for $5.15 a day. He goes on to tell us the secrets of treating and beating cancer . First of all, cancer treatments must strengthen the immune system, cancer cells are normal and no big deal . Everybody produces cancer cells every. But a strong and healthy

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