Pest Analysis Of Louis Vuitton

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The company i have chosen is LVMH, also known as Moët Hennessy . Louis Vuitton. It is an internationally well known company which has broken into the world 's fashion industry and became one of the top few fashion brands in the world.They currently have more than 460 retail stores in 50 countries operating to sell these Luxury goods of Louis Vuitton as calculated in 2013. Louis Vuitton are known for their leather goods such as their bags and shoes which are hand crafted and every detail is taken note of to prevent any mistakes or defects in the products. LVMH is Louis Vuitton merging with Moët Hennessy in 1987 to form a company group called LVMH,Moët Hennessy . Louis Vuitton .As from the history of Louis Vuitton, he was only a teenage boy at the age of thirteen when he first started out his journey to Paris. After a long time of learning and crafting, Louis Vuitton started his own shop and four years later, he created a trunk which was rectangular, while most trunks in the 1850s were dome shaped.In today 's society,we call it a lagguage.
In further researches, i will only be focusing on the retail of luxury goods of LVMH, which is Louis Vuitton luxury products in detail and not the other sectors of LMVH.
PESTEL analysis consists of 6 factors, Political, Ethical, Social, Technological, Enviornmental and Logical. I will be explain the factors and how Louis Vuitton is affected by the PESTEL analysis.

There are many counterfeit/fake products in the market which mimicks the

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