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Mary Ellen Manor Mrs. Portera English IV 22 January 2015 The Phantom of the Opera Inspiration to Novel to Film Contemporary Authors Online. Novels for Students. Vol. 20. Farmington Hills: Thomson Gale, 2005. 137-39. Print. Contemporary Authors Online are the first to tell us that the events that happen in the novel are based on events that actually happened. They also tell us that it is influenced by Hunchback of Notre Dame. Although this article does not explain any differences between the novel and film adaptations, it does mention that with each new rendition of the novel comes with a bigger audience that is curious to learn more. Since this article does not explain any film adaptations, it does give us a more input on who Gaston Leroux…show more content…
His description of what went on backstage was interesting and pleasing to the eye. Because Leroux was once a reporter, he tries to make the story seem like a report that came from different sources. At first thought it seems like a neat idea, but it fails. Myers then goes on to explain that even though the plot was not good for a novel, it was good for the stage. The story Phantom of the Opera is a dream for any musical lover. The music covers up the holes that are in the plot and elevates the characters to make us love them even more. This article is very helpful in the understanding of the success of the film and stage adaptations and why audiences love it…show more content…
Milne, they compare and contrast Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera with the film adaptations and the stage adaptations. They discuss how the novel itself was not very popular, but the films have audiences flocking to box offices buy tickets. The article states that the first film adaptation was in 1925 as a silent movie. It also mentions that the reason people have come to know the story of the phantom is through Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical. The novel was looked at as just another ghost story written by someone who wrote for a living. This information will help elaborate why the films were much more popular than the novel and why audiences preferred one over the

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