Pharmacist Goals

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Pharmacology has been a goal and a purpose of mine for many years. Being a certified pharmacy technician for over seven years, I have worked to expand my drive to learn and help others. This has directed my ambition to become a pharmacist. My immediate professional goal is to be the purpose of helping and educating. I have that purpose. My long term goal is personal growth & learning to make a change in whatever level of service as a pharmacist I find myself in.
Growing up in a large, single parent home, outside of Buffalo, NY in the small rural town of Alden, I was taught responsibility & independence when it came to school. Graduating from Alden High School in 2000, I knew I wanted to have a career in the medical field, but was searching …show more content…

Pleasant, SC. The two pharmacists there, Pharmacist in Charge, Lila Trussler, and MUSC alumni, Rebecca Lafar took me under their guiding wings and mentored me towards becoming a pharmacist. In the seven plus years I have been involved at a retail pharmacy, I have learned the commitment of knowledge and enactment it takes to become a pharmacist. I found myself making a difference in the lives of others and myself. The experience has been extremely rewarding since I began over seven years ago. Communication with patients, medical teams and fellow pharmacy staff members, I believe, is the key to giving proper medical care. My passion for pharmacology has driven me to become a Rite Aid certified, South Carolina licensed and a Nationally Certified pharmacy technician. By working in a retail pharmacy, I have built relationships with my patients. They have become part of my life as I have theirs, through the best & challenging times. I have participated in many community clinics that Rite Aid pharmacy has organized and have seen the need and importance of immunization programs in the community. I enjoy informing patients about the advantages of not only the flu vaccine, but other essential immunization

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