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Pharmacy Personal Statement
It is vital for one to acknowledge his wellbeing and plan his personal goals and intentions before pursuing a career. It was not until after my mother passed away that I acknowledged that ideology and became certain that pharmacy is a realm I should be in. My mother passed away from cancer and her life could have been more prolonged if she continued her medications as advised by her physician, however, the insurance would not cover her and my financial status did not allow me to help. At that time I had little experience and her death encouraged me to want to become a pharmacist. Moreover, my passion for the evolution of science which has contributed to the advancements of medications, such as how they function and how they influence society made me more interested in pharmacy school. Knowing how the development of antibiotics has changed how society sees certain diseases and medicines are not only used to save lives but also to improve the quality of lives is important in today’s environment. For example, Insulin’s production has given millions the opportunity to live longer, stronger and free of suffering. It is the huge
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I did nursing assistant to take care of my disabled mother who passed away from cancer. It was a side job taking care of her while I worked in technology. Through this certification process, I learned a lot about outpatient care. I had the opportunity to work for Kindred hospital to gain the maximum experience to use for the care of my mother. After her death, I got more interested in pharmacy because the medication had prolonged her life and when the medication was cut on her because insurance did not cover her she passed away. From that day I promised her that I will pursue a career in pharmacy that would allow me to help patients manage their medication and prolong their
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