Philosophy Of Employment Equity

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Employment Equity
The underlying philosophy for Employment Equity is essentially a strategic priority within Ansaldo STS-Gear South Africa Pty Ltd. It recognises itself as a vital measurement within the organisation which aims at achieving a holistic and diverse workforce. The aim at integrating the policy within the organisation leads to the ideals of achieving economic development and improving efficiency whilst addressing the inequalities of the past.

Ansaldo STS-Gear South Africa Pty Ltd regards an equitable working environment that maintains and values the dignity of all employees and their respected diversity henceforth setting a solid foundation for long term growth.
The rationale for Employment Equity
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A well developed, trained and motivated staff will result in integrating a workforce that values respect, tolerance, dedication, responsibility and transparency. All the steps taken to achieve Employment Equity leads to greater staff satisfaction and commitment which successfully results in lower staff turnover and stronger client and stakeholder satisfaction.
• Social and moral rationale
On a social level Employment Equity within Ansaldo STS-Gear South Africa Pty Ltd contributes to the elements of human resource development by establishing equity, inclusivity, openness and respect for human dignity and rights by reducing prejudice and promoting inter-cultural sensitivity within our organisation.
As a core function within the Employment Equity element, our policy is strongly based on the following focus areas:
• The elimination of unfair discrimination
• The application of affirmative action
• The creation of equalised opportunities
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• Selection and Appointment of staff
A successful candidate is pooled from individuals on the premise that there exists an unbiased selection process which includes women and people with disabilities. In the appointment of an individual with a disability, the special needs, which include accessibility to and mobility, for such a person, shall be provided.

• Responsibilities
Ansaldo STS-Gear South Africa Pty Ltd recognises and acknowledges the responsibilities set forth by the Equity policy. In order to successfully fulfil the objectives that is outlined by our organisation, the development of formalised action plans. We take into account the unique circumstances that support the plan in accordance with the set policy.

• Expectations
As an organisation as a whole we have made it our mission to not deviate from our mission to become a transformed company in which we achieve an Equity status that confirms the strategy to address the targets that are set forth. In doing so we will ultimately create an environment, and continue to do so, in which equity can be successfully

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