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This paper will cover Government funding for Planned Parenthood. I will prove why it is fundamental for the Government to fund Planned Parenthood. I will also prove why it is the Government’s moral obligation to fund Planned Parenthood. In July 2015, a Planned Parenthood was recorded talking about aborting a fetus while preserving its organs for medical research. It seems pretty straight forward, but the scientist was recorded by an abortion activist posing as a scientist. Following after, ten other videos were released. After the release of those videos, Planned Parenthood was thrown into the battle of abortion. (Brandhorst and Jennings 2016) Less funding takes away a woman’s autonomy. All humans have the moral right of autonomy. Autonomy …show more content…

House and Saja Goldsmiths’ book called Family Planning Perspectives, House and Goldsmith describe a woman’s abortion at Planned Parenthood. A counselor talks with the woman to make sure the woman wants to go through with the abortion. The counselor remains by the woman’s side throughout the abortion. (House and Goldsmith 27) My point is that Planned Parenthood supports their women unlike the cold, callous depictions associated with abortion and Planned Parenthood. According to Planned Parenthood’s website, they provide all of the following functions: abortions, birth control, body image therapy, general health care, men’s sexual health, pregnancy care, relationship information and help, sexual orientation and gender information, STD care and testing, and women’s health. As you can only one function is abortion. There is a plethora of other functions that are not …show more content…

So according to the Greatest Happiness Principle, the Government cutting funding of Planned Parenthood, solely based on abortions, is a moral wrong to the citizens of the United States. There is a misconception that Planned Parenthood only does abortions, and services women only. Both are incorrect. Planned Parenthood services men, women, and teens. So, by cutting funding, the Government also deprives men and teens their moral right to health care. A cancer patient spends many hours away from school and work. Cancer is preventable to a certain extent. Cancer, if detected early, saves a person’s life. The Government is denying citizens their right to a happy life, if the Government cuts funding, which means less cancer screenings for their citizens.
It is government’s moral obligation to fund Planned Parenthood. The Government has a moral obligation to the poor citizens of their country. Those in poverty need help financially. They do get monetary assistance, but those in poverty having, difficulties getting health care specifically women. Planned Parenthood provides those women in poverty with pre-natal care that they might not otherwise afford. Planned Parenthood is funded by the Government, but the Government is split by the issue of abortion. Planned Parenthood may have made some big mistakes recently, but cutting funding is depriving

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