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Being Healthy Most Americans obsess over what they eat and how much of it they consume. Americans are also notorious for trying whatever new diet is popular at the moment. This is an example that accounts towards the weird relationship most Americans have with food. Mary Maxfield might frown upon American’s unhealthy relationship with food on people like Michael Pollan, who makes outrageous claims without any scientific proof. Michael Pollan offers what he considers to be the American paradox – “a notably unhealthy population preoccupied with…the idea of being healthy” (442). Being healthy is not hard to control; eat smart, be active, and be healthy. Pollan has one motto for eating, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” He does not leave much room for error when it comes to eating healthy. Everyone is human therefore, everyone has a tendency to make a mistake every now and then. In essence, not all people will be able to follow his plan to being healthy. This is due to the high amount of plants eaten for most meals every day. There are people who want a variety of food, not just plants; for example, the people who eat mostly for pleasure would want a greater variety in their food choices. It also …show more content…

In reality, becoming healthy can be easy and enjoyable. People do not have to eat salads all the time like Pollan suggests. However, they have to be smart about what they consume and monitor the size of the portions. It is very tempting for people to reach for a cookie or chips for a midday snack. This is because they are easily accessible, yet they could reach for a smarter, more satisfying snack like fruit. If people would start reaching for naturally sweet snacks rather than artificial ones, they would feel better physically and mentally. This could occur without them having to feel like they are forcing themselves to eat

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