President-Elect Trump Persuasive Essay Topics

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For this paper, I had to imagine myself as an American policy expert whose paper’s purpose is to make recommendations to officials in charge of United States (US) foreign policy. Indirectly, advising President-elect Trump on his next course of actions regarding nuclear weapons and the US military bases in the Asian region, bearing in mind the statements President-elect Trump has given during the campaign period. Specifically, proclaiming that the US should withdraw its military troops in Republic of Korea (ROK) and Japan. Adding that even if withdrawing US military security would mean these countries becoming nuclear weapon states, President-elect Trump’s administration would not object. President-elect Trump believes our allies should be allowed …show more content…

This stance is supported by the following reasons from domestic and international standpoint.
In the case of nuclear weapons, the American people are strongly in favour of denouncing them and their continuous reduction. The US government policy towards nuclear weapons has been denuclearization since 1968. Changing our stance on this contentious subject without preamble and sufficient reasoning will irrevocably damage President-elect Trump’s image. According to a poll conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, more than 73% of Americans, regardless of age, race, gender, and education …show more content…

The President-elect promised to Make America Great Again and one of his ideas to achieve this is by bringing back jobs and decrease the unemployment rate which strongly resonated with the American people. The question of where to relocate the 28,000 and 49,000 troops based in ROK and Japan respectively will arise if the President-elect removed them from their current stations. What will the government do with approximately 80,000 US military personnel who will depart. The government will have to relocate thousands of troops and provide monetary aid to those whose contract will end and become veterans. Any possible solution requires the government to spend even though we are already burdened with budgetary problems in other sectors. Additionally, as the government is currently reducing its military size some of these soldiers may be released. Unfortunately, many who served in the military are not college graduates and will be underdogs in today’s competitive market economy if suddenly dismissed from service. Consequently, possible increase of the unemployed can be expected if we pull our troops and therefore, keeping them deployed is what is good for America and the president-elect’s position. Besides, we have plans to relocate and realign more than 9000 troops from Okinawa to Guam, Hawaii, Australia and refurbish some military bases which Japan

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