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John F. Kennedy once said,” Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” (Inaugural Address, 20 January 1961) global conflicts only seem to grow, the United States Military should stay on top. I strongly believe that every able bodied citizen that calls the United States home should serve in the Military for at least two years. If you call yourself a real American then you will agree with my opinions. All citizens should rely on their own working. Sadly, this is not true in America. Too many people are relying on the government for support, money, and livelihood Not all people are fit for the military, so a solution would be for all people to go through basic training and serve in a fitting category for …show more content…

if our military was 300 million strong . Other countries like Korea, Iran, Syria, and Iraq require all 18-3.5 year old men and women to serve all of their eligible age. This is only strengthening others, why can’t we do it? If everybody knew combat and the arts of war all enemies would only see strong, fight ready Americans. It would also show people that freedom is not free. Many people take freedom for granted, if they were the ones providing that freedom, their attitudes would change in an almost bipolar way. One of the main problems in America is obesity, if obese people had to go through basic training then maybe they will find better ways to keep their bodies instead of being overweight, this has to change because over thirty percent of Americans are in the obese category (“Should military service be mandatory”). Although I have proven many points, some people think that military service eliminates citizens’ freedoms to pursue their life choice. All freedoms we have come from our brave military warriors. Our founding fathers based the constitution on individuals’ freedoms, but they also didn’t mean for the majority of citizens to do nothing to help their country. Our founding fathers thought that the American citizen was a responsible, full of pride, and a person who would set aside their own concerns and fight for their country as needed. This is no longer true in our country. It has to change

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