Essay On The Education For All Handicapped Child Act

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In an ever changing society, the ways in which this country 's education system is conducted needs to evolve with as well. This system is a vital part of the development of children into the young adults who are the future of this country. It is well known that “Education is a requisite in the process of reaching a higher living standard” (Kerber 39). Therefore, steps need to be taken to ensure that the youth are receiving the best education that can be provided to them, thus aiding them is achieving those high living standards and better preparing the next generation. There are many issues that can be found concerning not only the way that some schools are conducted but the education system as a whole as well. This issues include, the financial …show more content…

While great strides have been made in this field there is still a long way to go. In 1975, a law was passed that was intended to aid disabled and handicapped children in school. This law was called The Education for all Handicapped children Act (“Critical Issues). It provided hope for these children that they would be receiving a better education, it promised, “‘free and appropriate’ program of schooling; protection from discriminatory testing and stereotyping; and a specially designed individual evaluation of educational need” (“Critical Issues”). While this may have made a great impact in this particular field for its time period, this law is outdated, as times have changed, and revising needs to take place to further the education of special education children. There are still many issues in today 's society that needs to change, for example, “ A dropout rate for disabled students twice that of regular students” (Koch). To illustrate, just the dropout rate for normal students is high, but this being doubled for special education students is outrageous. This should indicate an issue, there are obvious reasons why these children are dropping out and more needs to be done to aid in getting them through school and to their degree. Many children who have disorders are not even diagnosed until it is way too late, often not even until they can not possibly catch up with their peers (Koch). Therefore, this children need people to look out and make sure that they are truly getting all that can be received in their school experience, and that everyday they are in the classroom and learning the material that needs to be

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