Pros And Cons Of Keeping Exotic Animals

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Almost every child at, a young age, asks for a puppy or kitten, it is a part of growing up. Instead of a puppy, what if a child asked for a baby chimpanzee instead? Exotic animals are not your typical cats, dogs, or even duck but instead are animals like bears, lions, and pythons. I think people should be allowed to have exotic animals as pets because it is their choice, and exotic animals are not as dangerous as they are said to be.
When choosing a pet, there are many options and different people may like different things. For example, some may like dogs, others may like cats, and some people would rather a silverback gorilla. Animals are like private property and if they are owned by people who know what they are doing, the animals will be fine. “As long as animal welfare and public safety laws …show more content…

The chances of you dieing from captive animals are miniscule compared to those of falling down the stairs. Animal rights activists are known to have made up false claims about “public safety” just to free the animals. “If it is illegal for businesses to advertise and sell products using misleading and fraudulent claims, why is it OK for legislators and lobbyists to introduce, gain public support and pass bills using fraudulent claims they can’t back up with facts?” (REXANO 5). There is a factor most people do not consider when getting any pet (mainly exotic), Disease. It comes in all animals but disease is probably the predominant way that humans are harmed by any animal. So the risks, disease wise, are always out there for any

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